Name of structure : "ZBER BANKA
Design phase : Detailed Design-
Country : Russian Federation
Place : Lipeck
Investor : "ZBER BANKA - Lipeck
Design year : 1997 - 1998
Designer : Katerina Madzarovska arch. eng.
Assistants : Natasa Cerkovic arch. tech.
Short description :  

The detailed design envisages an arrangement of the interior of one part of the bank, starting from the ground floor to the fifth floor. The interior of the main entrance of the ground floor has been designed together with the counter area. The main entrance hall contains a fountain, which on the fifth floor, where there is a winter garden, turns into a lavish water surface which animates the recreation area. The interior design also includes the hall on the different floors, the conference room, the office of the president and most of the other offices. By applying modern materials we have achieved the effect which gives the bank a modern, worldly interior appearance suitable for one of the leading banks in Russia .