Balkan Consulting DOOEL is an organization with great experience in preparation of design and technical documentation from the area of: structural engineering, hydro and road construction, preparation of design and technical solution for reconstruction of all type of engineering constructions, geo-technical investigations, material quality control during construction, supervision during construction period and consulting services.

"BALKAN CONSULTING DOOEL" was formed on the end of 1950s as Design Studio of GRANIT Construction Company-Skopje, which is a famous construction company world wide.

Since 1998, GRANITPROEKT-GRANIT DOOEL as a predecessor of BALKAN CONSULTING, has been working independently and on it's own account, and since 01.02.2002 it operates under the present name of BALKAN CONSULTING DOOEL, company for design, consulting and research.

Our decades long experience and our specialties in to the process of preparation of Technical Documentation for the majority of the road and infrastructural network in R. Macedonia, have created a base for the preparation of numerous designs in: Albania , Algeria , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Iraq , Jordan , Libya , Syria , Russia and Yugoslavia .

In almost half a century of existence, BALKAN CONSULTING has been the main and independent contractor for the preparation of Designs and Technical Documentation for more than three hundred kilometers of modern Motorways, over three thousand kilometers of different types of main and local roads as well as urban streets, over a hundred kilometers of railway lines, thousands of meters of bridges, airports, numerous architectural buildings of all kinds, irrigation and water supply systems.

Recently, our list of clients has been augmenter by International institutions such as: European Agency for Reconstruction, EBRD, the World Bank, UNDP, NATO as well as numerous humanitarian organizations.

Today, the company comprises a highly educated team of over 69 engineers and technicians of various profiles and long experience, modern computer system integrated into a unique network, which allows us to follow the modern trends and technologies in our field of activity, to have a high technical level and a modern approach towards our duties and obligations, which is a guaranty for our future.

Our knowledge and capability are Your Security.

Sincerely yours,

Kiro Cekov, Manager