North Bypass of Skopje
Viaduct ORMAN ( 18+338,00)

location Orman - Volkovo
design / construction year April 2002 /
phase Preliminary and Detailed Design
Constructive solution Bridging of a local road and a railroad
(L=36+15*37+36=627,00 )
- superstructure pre-stressed discontinuous construction - four girders in a cross section
- substructure four expanded constructions
- middle piers reinforced concrete sheets
- end piers reinforced concrete sheets with parallel wings
- foundations classical reinforced-concrete foundations under sheets
- constrution technology mountable pre-stressed girders, erected with a horisontal crane
- software CUBUS, STRES
Working team:  
- Designers Venco Vanevski, Emil Nikolov - civ. eng.
- Assistants S. Kostadinovska, . - civ. tech..