Name of structure : Residential and business structure 5.8.1. G +5+ Pk
Design phase : Preliminary and Detailed Design
Country : R. Macedonia
Place : Skopje
Investor : GD "GRANIT" AD - Skopje
Design year : 1998 - 2000
Designer : Dona Zaneva arch. eng.
Assistants : Natasa Cerkovic arch. tech.  
Constructions :

Venco Vanevski civ. eng.
Radica Gavrovska civ. tech.
Slavica Kostadinovska civ. tech.

Short description :  

The structure is located in the central city area of Skopje , on the corner between the "Naum Naumovski Borce" street and the boulevard "Marx and Engels". The structure (urban block 5.8.1.) belongs to the complex "Small Ring". The urban construction area is angular with an irregular shape. The architectural treatment and the shaping of the structure are a recognizable feature. The parking area for the vehicles has been provided in two underground levels. The ground floor contains shops and offices, and the floors contain housing areas - apartments with different structure: one, two, three and four room apartments with a total residential surface area of 2.300,00 m2.