Name of structure : Upgrade of the Macedonian Orthodox Theology School "St. Clement of Ohrid" in the area Dracevo - Skopje
Design phase : Preliminary and deatiled design
Country : R. Macedonia
Place : Dracevo area - Skopje
Design year : 2001 .
Designer : Katerina Madzarovska arch. eng.
Ljubica Brezovska arch. eng.
Assistants : Lence Nedanovska arch. eng.
Natasa Cerekovic arch. tech.
Magdalena Dimiskova arch. tech.
Angelina Bundalevska arch. tech.
Constructions : Branko Aceski civ. eng.
Zivko Kitanovski civ. eng.
Short description :  

We enrich our Christian being by building this structure which will nurture the existence of this being for the generations which will study, nurture and preserve it. We consider this as our small contribution to our faith, which preserves us and encourages us. The designed structure is located in the yard of the existing school "St. Clement of Ohrid" in the Dracevo area - Skopje . Functionally and structurally, the new structure fits in with the architecture of the existing structures. The compatibility has been achieved by the use of existing forms and colors. The new structure facilitated the functional distinction (education - new structure, accommodation - old structure), whereby improving the conditions for education. The oblique terrain provides a possibility for the development of the structure on four levels with a total surface area of 1.300,00 2 . The first level contains the boiler room and auxiliary rooms for the needs of the kitchen. The first floor has the dining room for the students, main kitchen and the entrance hall, while the classrooms are on the second floor. The last floor features the chapel with all of the characteristics of our orthodox faith.